Facebook is now becoming world mostly used accessed social networking websites. Here you can share your views, photos; videos as well as it will help you to promote your local business. But still, sometimes you found that your account is not so secured or hacked.

If you think your FB account has been taken over or hacked, then you should visit hacked page account or get Facebook 24/7 support to secure your account. As soon as you hacked account page, it'll ask you to change your password as well as review recent login activity.

If You Found Below Given Indication That Means Your Account May Have Been Hacked:

1.                Your password or email have changed

2.                Suddenly friend requests have been sent to unknown people

3.                Your birthday date or name have changed

4.                Posts have been creating, which you didn't create

5.                Messages have been sent, which you didn't write

In addition, you may learn how to protect yourself or FB account against malicious software program, which can potentially compromise your account.

In case the email associated with your FB account has altered, then you can reverse this with a special link. Actually, when an email address is changed, Facebook will send an email to your previous account with a special link. Thus, you can click on this link to reverse the email address change back and secure your account. In case you are not able to fix your issue, simply get the help of expert via Facebook customer support number and enjoy hassle-free social activities.